Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean the tiles?

You can use any detergent and water to clean your mural, always use a non-abrasive product. If your mural has limescale you can use a product containing nitric acid and it will bring it back to new.

How do I get a Quotation?

If you have a design in mind, you can send it to us at: and we will send a quote within 24 hours. If you don't have a design, but you have an idea of what you would like, you can explain it to us and I will send you a sketch and a quote within 48 hours. Otherwise, visit our Online Quotation section where you can see approximate prices, depending on the design and size of mural you choose.

When can I place an order?

Once you are happy with the design, the sketch and quotation.

What is the shipment method?

Your order will be sent with a courier insured to the full value of the work.

Is shipping included in the cost?

Your final personal quote with all the details will include the shipping cost. The Online Quotation does not include the shipping costs.

How long do I need to wait to receive my order?

The waiting time can vary on the detail and size of the order, but typically takes between one week and two months. Please, take in mind that all our works are crafted by hand at all stages.

How do I pay?

Payment methods available: bank transfer (Spanish or International Accounts), cheques from Spanish banks or PayPal.

What happens if my work is damaged in transit?

If you receive your work damaged or broken, please take a picture and send it to our email so we can see which section is damaged. We will replace the damaged tiles as quickly as possible without cost.

How do I mount the mural?

You can mount the mural directly on the wall using a good quality porcelain and ceramic adhesive. You can also mount the mural on any wooden, metal, PVC or similar frame. At our Technique and Assembly section you can find advice and pictures on how to mount your mural.

Can a mural be installed outside?

Once the tiles are baked, they are weatherproof and can be mounted anywhere.